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Monday, August 24, 2009

Paperwork Submitted!

By God's grace, on Friday, we submitted the final piece of paperwork from our packet! WooHoo! As overwhelming as it seemed at first, it's really not so difficult. I'm comparing this adoption process to a semester in college - when you first receive your syllabi and think that there's no way this will all get done in 4 months...That's how this feels. But, just like school work, God will equip us to get everything completed for this adoption process.

Now, it's more waiting... We have to wait for Bethany Christian to process the paperwork and get back with us on our next step. The waiting is hard, because as long as we're doing things on our end, I feel like we're moving forward, but when we are waiting for someone else on the other end and are at their's more difficult to stay patient.

Other news is that my dad, step-mom, and little sisters came for a visit on Saturday - We enjoyed spending time with them! We love and miss you guys so much!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, not that overwhelmed

I wanted to piggyback off Jennifer's post to say that although there is a lot of work involved with the adoption process, it's not that overwhelming. It just takes a lot of time and organization (and of course money). God is providing us with just what we need for each step in the process. We are plowing through the paperwork each night and legwork each morning. Just wanted to encourage anyone who is considering adoption that its not that overwhelming. We know that the addition of a little child (or children) in our family will be we worth all that we're putting into it. After all, God went through a lot more to bring us into His family.


Monday, August 10, 2009


We received a packet from Bethany Christian today with a lot of paperwork and other medical tests ordered. I must admit, it was very overwhelming to me when I opened the packet and began looking through everything that we must complete before we can even get into the family assessment itself. While we have begun the process with Bethany Christian, we're still filling out preliminary paperwork before beginning interviews and the like. It's also harder "to run this document here and call so and so" when both of us are working full-time. I know that it will all get done, but I am fully aware that we need God's grace and favor to do so. Your prayers would, as always, be much appreciated! :)