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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3.5 Months

Abel and Belle are growing so much! They are smiling and Belle is cooing. Both have started using their Bumbos and are gaining so much control over their necks. Abel has rolled over from tummy to back numerous times and Belle has done so once. They are sleeping better through the night, but not all night yet. We usually have to feed them once in the middle of the night, but that is much better than eating every 3 hours like they did when they first came home. They are tracking people and objects, staring at mobiles and their projector images (at night in their room). Belle stared at the projector images wide awake Saturday night for about an hour - we heard her cooing at the images and even saw her smiling at them...too cute. Abel's reflux has diminished greatly, but poor Belle continues to struggle with hers. Sadly, she can't even sleep in her crib because if she lays flat on her back, she will vomit. So, she is sleeping in her car seat right now in their nursery. Above is a picture of Abel and Belle showing their love for the Carolina Gamecocks! - Daddy is so very proud!