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Thursday, December 22, 2011

6 Months!

Yesterday, Abel and Belle had their 6 month check-up and shots. They are finally on the growth chart/curve. Mind you, Belle is only in the 15th percentile for her birthage and Abel is even less (though he weighs more...boys and girls are charted differently). But, they are on the curve! And for their adjusted age, they are both over the 50th percentile! Belle weighed over 14 lbs and Abel weighed over 16 lbs. They are rolling over like crazy now and continuing to be such joys in our home. I don't have time to post much more, because I hear one of them waking up from their nap, just as I sit down to post. But, I will leave you with these adorable pictures from their cousin's 1st birthday party. They are eating a cupcake baked into an ice cream cone last month (yes, I let my not even 6 month old babies eat icing. Haha). Abel actually enjoyed it more than the picture showed, he was initially upset because I had woken him up from a nap to take pictures, but he came around to liking it. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Entire Story of Grace...

Yesterday, Abel and Belle turned 6 months old. 6 months from yesterday, they were born via c-section and 6 months from today, I was having a 2nd surgery to remove a massive blood clot. While we have shared on this blog about my blood clot and second surgery, I don't know that some readers know how much grace was poured out on our lives 6 months ago. I couldn't bring myself to write these words when released from the hospital, but the reality is that I came very close to death.

While being admitted into the hospital and having to deliver at 31 weeks was due to my severe preeclampsia with extremely high blood pressure, that wasn't my biggest problem (thankfully, modern medicine has made early delivery much safer for babies today and few women die as a result of preeclampsia anymore). The c-section itself is what caused my internal bleeding and all of my vitals were dropping like crazy...even my extremely high blood pressure became extremely low within hours. All of my other vitals dropped quickly too. I felt like I was dying...all I wanted to do was close my eyes but I tried not to because I was afraid that I wouldn't wake up (although I know that because of Jesus, I am going to Heaven). The floor nurses kept telling me that my abdominal pain was gas. If my step-mom (who was watching my vitals drop) who is a RN hadn't been there and stayed on top of the hospital staff, I probably would not be here today. So thankful for God's working through her!

After they finally found the hematoma through a ct scan and immediately took me into surgery, I had 2 blood transfusions. I continued to have up to 4 more transfusions that week because my hemoglobin levels were not stabilizing completely. Abel also had to have 2 blood transfusions in the NICU as well. (If you are not a blood donor, please become one...hospitals are always borderline at having enough and it really does save lives!!!!) I had to have calcium via IV and a lot of other medicines through the IV as well that week.

On a smaller note, I also had cysts found on an ultrasound while I was pregnant and they were later diagnosed as Theca Lutein Cysts which are extremely rare (it is caused by the hCG hormone in some women). It is so rare that my Obgyn had to google some info on his phone because he couldn't even remember their medical term. As a result, one of my ovaries was the size of a grapefruit when the twins were born. Yes, the size of a grapefruit. The OR nurse said she had never seen an ovary that enlarged before. The cysts were biopsied during my second surgery and thankfully, they were not cancerous and dissolved shortly after delivery. An ultrasound in August confirmed that they were gone.

So, not only are Abel and Belle miracles after having been frozen for 4.5 years and born at 31 weeks...Our whole family is a work of grace. I found out at the dermatologist's office a couple of weeks ago from a student nurse (who was taking my weight, health history, etc) that the week prior, a 31 year old girl was having her tubal litigation reversed and that her surgery also caused a blood clot, but unlike me, she died in the hospital. That poor student nurse had to drive her to the morgue. I cried. That could have been me too. Thank you Lord for your graciousness and protection over my family and me!

I still have some slight pain that comes from time to time since the surgeries, so about a month or two ago, I went to see the Obgyn just to make sure everything was ok. He examined me and said it was just some scar tissue that hasn't quite healed yet, but that it should continue to heal and be pain free eventually. When he walked into the room, he said enthusiastically, "Hi Giant Hematoma Girl! Were you also the one with the Theca Lutein cysts?!" Yep, that was me. Out of an OB practice with around 10 providers and hundreds of patients, I'm that one girl who had crazy scary things happen to her that most pregnant girls don't have.

I share this story not because I want to scare anyone who is having a c-section (my story is again, very rare), I share it because I want to boast in gratitude before others about what mighty things my Savior has done in our lives. Praise Him!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our First Family Christmas Card!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can You Believe This?!

Look at Abel & Belle as embryos that had been thawed and transferred to my womb after being frozen for 4.5 years!
Look at Abel one year later!
Look at Belle one year later!

Once again, I have to boast in our Lord - He sustained them in the freezer for 4.5 years, in my womb for 7 months, and in the NICU for 5 & 6 weeks... and He continues to sustain their little lives in our care. What grace!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun with Family!

Both Mimi (my mom) and Mama Niecey (Aaron's mom whose name is Denise) along with Aaron's sister, Bethany and her husband, Matt came down for a visit on Wednesday. Aunt Bethany took lots of pictures and unfortunately, mommy isn't too great at taking pictures regularly so we are glad for some new candids! The 2nd picture is Abel & Belle about to get in the car to head for Cracker Barrel with everyone and the 5th picture is Abel with Uncle Matt. Abel and Belle wore semi matching Osh Kosh shirts to Cracker Barrel with their blue jeans - Abel's was a snowman shirt in 6 mos size and Belle wore a Christmas candy cane/gingerbread house shirt in a 3 mos size. As you can see in the pics, Abel is much bigger than his sister. Also, notice our dog, Toby hidden between our legs for our family shot...yes, he came and got between our legs himself! Ha - we love our mini dachshund (aka our third baby)!

Oh and it is quite possible that these are the cutest babies ever!...Ok, we are admittedly biased. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ending 4 Months...Going on 5 Months!

I used to blog once a week, but now, I am doing good to post once a month! I'm sorry to always leave ya'll hanging!

By God's grace, Abel and Belle continue to grow and flourish. They had their 4-month pediatrician appointment and shots on October 18th and the doctor said that he was pleased with their growth and to keep up the good work! Abel weighed 12 lbs 3 oz and Belle weighed 10 lbs 13 oz. They are taking between 24-32 oz of formula each day and they also began eating solids around their 4 month old birthday. They have tried rice & oatmeal cereal (single grained - not combined yet), stage 1 peaches, pears, prunes, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. We will be introducing green veggies in the next few days. Our pediatrican recommends using the "3-day" rule to test for any food allergies and beginning with yellow veggies before the green ones (not sure why though...). They usually take a bottle between 4-8am, cereal mixed with fruit between 8-10am, a bottle and a veggie for lunch, cereal mixed with fruit for dinner, and a bottle before bedtime usually between 10-11pm. I also mix their formula with their cereal, so their daily intake of formula is included in that figure. They love their solids! Abel is a pro with the spoon and Belle can handle it, but she just isn't as great as him yet.

They also had their follow-up NICU appointment with the occupational therapist last week (she will check their development again at 8 and 12 months). Again, by God's grace, they are further along in their development than needed! Since they were born 8 weeks early, they can have a 2-month delay on all developmental milestones until they are 2 years old without concern. Any delay after 2 years old is a true developmental problem. However, they are right where most term 4-5 month olds are with their motor skills. They are still small for their birth-age, but are catching up with their weight and height with each check-up.

Their new favorite thing is watching t.v. Yes, I said watching t.v. They will either sit in their bouncers or their Bumbos and watch Veggietales, PBS Kids shows, etc. They will even try and turn their heads to face the t.v. while drinking a bottle in our laps from the couch or recliner - haha! Of course, they cannot follow the story lines yet, but they enjoy the sounds and colors.

They will be 5 months old on Friday - wow!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nursery Pics

Abel and Belle were born so suddenly that we hadn't even finished their nursery yet. It has been finished for awhile now, but I just haven't posted the pictures until tonight. They will probably share a room for a few years and then have separate rooms later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3.5 Months

Abel and Belle are growing so much! They are smiling and Belle is cooing. Both have started using their Bumbos and are gaining so much control over their necks. Abel has rolled over from tummy to back numerous times and Belle has done so once. They are sleeping better through the night, but not all night yet. We usually have to feed them once in the middle of the night, but that is much better than eating every 3 hours like they did when they first came home. They are tracking people and objects, staring at mobiles and their projector images (at night in their room). Belle stared at the projector images wide awake Saturday night for about an hour - we heard her cooing at the images and even saw her smiling at them...too cute. Abel's reflux has diminished greatly, but poor Belle continues to struggle with hers. Sadly, she can't even sleep in her crib because if she lays flat on her back, she will vomit. So, she is sleeping in her car seat right now in their nursery. Above is a picture of Abel and Belle showing their love for the Carolina Gamecocks! - Daddy is so very proud!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost 3 Months!

We have been super busy the past couple of weeks visiting our out of town families. Aaron took some time off of work during August and we were able to take Abel and Belle to meet many of the people who have prayed for and blessed them with some many things! Abel and Belle do really well on road trips - they sleep most of the time (minus our stops for diaper changes and feedings). They are growing so much and I am so thankful that they no longer fit in preemie clothes and are fitting in newborn clothes (Abel will be out of newborn size before too long - he is fitting in some 0-3 mos already). Reflux continues to be an issue, mostly with Belle. They are both on 2prescriptions, but it seems that they will just have to outgrow it over time. While they still spit up a lot (vomit really...spit up is putting it mildly for our babies), the screaming nose episodes seem to have let up some. They are getting stronger and really starting to use their neck and leg muscles now and don't like lying down too much - they would prefer their swing, our laps, or something else that is more interactive. Belle is definitely becoming more aware of her surroundings and we are convinced that we have caught a few real smiles when we have talked/played with her. It has been really hard to capture good photos of them when they are both awake and happy at the same time, but below was one attempt. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am sorry for being such a bad blogger lately - the twins have kept me SUPER busy! Our 3 bathrooms are disgusting and haven't been cleaned in weeks, so if I have any spare time, should I be blogging? I don't know, but my hubby is kind enough to be washing bottles for me at this moment so I'm going to blog...

Abel and Belle had their 2 month check up and shots today at the pediatrician. Thankfully, both are continuing to gain weight. Abel now weighs 8 lbs 2 oz and Belle weighs 7 lbs 2 oz. They both have severe reflux issues which is causing such a disruption in our household. Between feedings, Aaron and I can't even sleep because we have to listen out for spit ups - these are the violent kind that shoots out of their mouth and nose which makes them feel like they're drowning and they become scared. The pediatrician told us to mix some rice cereal with the formula to try and keep it down. Since they are both gaining weight, it is more of a nuisance for everyone than a medical problem. However, if the rice cereal doesn't work in a few days, he is going to prescribe a medicine that causes the formula to quickly pass from their stomach into the intestines before they have a chance to spit up.

I would love to update more and post pictures, but we are about to head off to our church's small group, but at least I had a minute to post a quick update. I will be checking your blogs soon!

Friday, July 29, 2011

One Year Ago...

...we posted this.

One year later, we are blessed to be able to post these:

Hasn't God been good?!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome Home, Mr. Abel James!!!

Abel came home today too! We are loving having BOTH babies at home - Praising God for His blessings on our family!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome Home, Miss Belle Marie!!!

Praise God! - Belle was discharged today! Please continue to pray for Abel to come home soon too. The NICU staff thinks he will also be discharged between 2-4 weeks from now. He is now off of his IV fluids and is slowly digesting better, but isn't quite there yet. Our miniature dachshund, Toby, thinks Belle is just the coolest thing ever...he is very intrigued with her and already seems to be protective of her! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life in the NICU

First off, let me apologize for not updating sooner. I have been continuing to heal while also trying to spend plenty of time with our twins in the NICU, which has equaled complete exhaustion. Another EA twin mommy said that she kind of "checked out of life" while her babies were in the NICU. That is exactly how I feel right is not normal and other than knowing that the South Carolina Gamecocks won the CWS last night (only bc Aaron is a Gamecock fan), I have no clue what else is going on with the world!

Abel had an infection last week which was treated with antibiotics and is thankfully gone now. He still continues to struggle with digestion. The doctors have tried several hypoallergenic formulas and he just hasn't done well with any of them. The doctor explained that preemies should still be feeding off of my nutrients in the womb and some preemies just have problems digesting for awhile. He is still getting some nutrients from IV fluids which has caused a lot of water retention and swelling. He has been taking Lasix (a diuretic) for the past few days to decrease his swelling. We are slowly working on feeding him (he is currently only taking 6 mLs per feeding) and praying he will digest, while also teaching him how to suck a bottle. At this point, we have no clue when he will be able to come home. If he would start digesting his food, he would be making steps towards discharge, so please pray for his digestion. He currently weighs 5 lbs 5.5 oz. And this baby boy LOVES to be held and talked to...he will cry in his isolette, but as soon as someone takes him out and holds him, he is so content! I think he is going to be our cuddle bug. :)

Belle is being a show-off to her brother. She is taking 40 mLs per feeding and half of her feedings are bottles rather than her feeding tube. She was also moved out of her isolette on Monday night and has maintained her body temperature. The nurses said that she is making steps towards coming home soon (Lord willing)! Once she is taking all of her feedings by bottle, she will be ready for discharge! She currently weighs 4 lbs 8.3 oz. While she likes being held, she could take it or leave it...meaning, that she is content in our arms or on her own in her open hospital crib.

All in all, both babies are doing well for being born at 31 weeks and we are so grateful to God for His kindness towards our new little family!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures of Belle!

I didn't get to hold Abel this afternoon because he was having a PICC line inserted to replace his IV. But, I got some great pictures with Belle and hope to have some more of Abel soon! The first one is obviously with Mommy and the second one is with Mimi (my mom).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Home!

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening - it was glorious! After being there for 11 days, I was very ready to come home. The 2nd surgery was the result of the c-section the day prior. Apparently, the doctor had to cut through a thick vein to get one of the babies out. When he closed me up on Saturday, it was dry and there was no bleeding. Within a few hours though, it popped and caused some major internal bleeding and it took awhile for them to find out where I was bleeding. Sunday was a very scary day - all of my vital signs were dropping and I felt lifeless. Thank you for everyone who prayed! God heard your prayers on my behalf. I'm still not completely well...still getting over preeclampsia with high blood pressure and excessive swelling and just recovering from the pain and soreness of two surgeries. So, please forgive me if I am not commenting on your blog posts right now. I have read everyone's and am up to date but am just still very weak and tired.

Abel and Belle are doing well. The neonatologist wouldn't let Abel feed Thursday or Friday because his tummy was showing some distress and not digesting well. However, things have improved and they resumed his feedings today! I felt so awful for him, knowing he must have been so hungry. I did try pumping while in the hospital and could never get anything but a few drops of colostrum. The nurse practitioner in the NICU encouraged me that my body has been through a lot and may not produce milk well due to the illnessses I'm still healing from. So, I think we are back to our original plan of formula. I would have loved to give them the extra antibodies in breastmilk, but it's just not there. I've been enjoying Kangaroo Care with them and hope to post some new pictures of them soon. It is hard leaving them in the NICU, but I'm thankful for modern medicine and how God uses it to care for preemies.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plodding along,.. but very blessed!

The past two days have been up and down with Jennifer, but we seem to be making some progress. Jenn's hemoglobin levels dropped again, not as substantial as before, but enough that the doctors decided to transfuse two more bags of blood last night. This morning, her blood tests showed strong numbers so she's not due to be tested again until tomorrow morning.

This morning, the doctor actually referenced her being discharged whenever her blood pressure stabilizes and when more of the fluid that she's carrying dissipates. While this still make take a few days, it was good to hear of the concept that we won't be living in a hospital forever. Today marked a week and a day that she's been in hospital care.

Jenn was been taken off her IV's and is working on walking some today. I, instead of a nurse, has been able to wheel her around, and today I got to take her to visit the babies and have some kangaroo care with them. At around midnight last night, Jenn feel asleep and so I went over to the NICU to hold the babies for the first time. This was one of the most precious moments of my life. I got to do kangaroo care (holding them skin to skin) for 30 minutes with each one. They responded very well to this and seemed to enjoy it very much. I prayed over each one as I held them. The babies felt so cozy and the room so warm and quiet, that I actually started to doze off at the end of Abel's holding. The nurse came by and asked, "Who's putting who to sleep here?"

Today Jennifer got to do the same for Abel and I held Belle. Since this was Jenn's first time getting to hold one of them, the nurse allowed us to go about 45 minutes. I think that Jenn is going to try to get over again tonight to hold Belle, but she's been so tired from the pain medications, we're just playing it by ear.

Please continue to pray that Jennifer will be able to come home soon. The babies continue to do great. Other than being small, they look as healthy as can be. Hopefully, Jennifer will be back soon to be able to pick up the posts.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scary 24 Hours - Update

Thanks for all of your prayers and please continue. It has been a very scary 24 hours. Jennifer was losing blood rapidly and we couldn't find out the cause. Many of her stats were falling along with this and she was getting very pale. After an ultrasound and a ct scan, it was discovered that she had been bleeding internally and had a large blood clot. She had to go back into surgery where they were able to use the same incision to operate. They removed the clot and located and stopped the leaker. They also transfused her with four bags of blood. Jenn is now in the surgery ICU and will be monitored throughout the night and into tomorrow. Hopefully, this was the cause of the issues that she was having and we will see her stats improve. Already, her hemoglobin levels have increased and the color is returning to her face. Things are looking better, but please pray. Today was so scary.

Both babies continue to do great! We just need to get mommy better.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Abel and Belle are born!!!

Abel and Belle's birthday is June 4th, 2011! Abel was born at 3lbs, 10oz; Belle at 3lbs, 1oz. Both are in the NICU and doing great! When I left the hospital to pick up some clothes for tonight they were both breathing on their own. Jennifer is very tired, but is doing well. She did have to have a Cesarean section.

Jenn had a rough time last night. She developed, we think, some fluid in her lungs around 3:00am which had to be treated. We were told early this morning to expect the delivery to begin around late morning/early afternoon. Abel and Belle were born at 11:55 and 11:56am respectively.

In a really neat act of providence, a couple from our church was admitted to the hospital the same day as us and were put in the next room. She also delivered today an hour before us, so our church has three babies' births to announce tomorrow.

I know that there are a lot of details that everyone wants to hear that I'm leaving out, but I've been up for some time now and am having trouble remembering more than this. We'll update more info soon. In the meantime, please check out the below photos of the two babies who have stolen my heart...

Baby Pictures!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tentative Plan

This is Jennifer's sister Grace posting an update. The doctor came today and explained where things are headed, which was her second steroid shot today for lung development, softening her cervix tomorrow, and induction on Saturday. The doctors still want to try a vaginal birth since both babies are head down, but that can go two different ways: 1) Jennifer handles induction, labor, & birth to babies easily or 2) because she is only 31 weeks, her body may not labor well enough to birth this early. So they are fully prepared for a C-section if necessary.

As you all know, Jennifer was not planning to breast feed. If the babies had been born closer to term, formula would have been the way Jennifer would have gone. However, the neonatologist recommended trying to breast feed since the babies are premies at 31 weeks and strongly need the antibodies. She and Aaron are trusting the neonatologist's expertise and are willing to throw their plan out for the sake of their babies. Her plan is to try to breast feed and see where that goes.

Please pray for Jennifer and the babies' health during preeclampsia, safe delivery, and for the babies continued growth in the NICU. Also, that breast feeding would go better than she was anticipating. Aaron and Jennifer are trusting God's plan in this and are both excited and nervous about the days ahead.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday we had a scheduled appointment with our OB where Jennifer turned out some very high blood pressure results. A combination of that, a lot of swelling and the presence of protein in her urine was enough for the midwife who was seeing her to admit her to the hospital. After being their for 24 hours, it was determined that she has severe preeclampsia. We were told that 300mg of protein is an indicator of preeclampsia. Jenn had over 6000mg.

She is being monitored closely and we have been told that the babies will probably be delivered very soon - we are thinking by the end of this week. She was given a steroid injection today to bolster the babies' lung development in preparation for premature birth. We were told that the babies can be induced after 48 hours of that injection. She's also being hooked up to an IV and made to lay on her side permanently.

Abel and Belle continue to look great. They we be at 31 weeks tomorrow and will most likely be in the NICU for around a month. They did give us a quick tour of the NICU tonight and it is very nice. This particular hospital has separate rooms for each baby, or a double room for two babies in our case along with a recliner or pull out bed. This makes it very quiet and private. The doctors also said that because of the position of the babies, Jenn may be able to deliver vaginally and avoid a Cesarean section.

I'll try to sneak another update in as things progress and as I have time.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost 29 Weeks!

I had my bi-weekly OB appointment today with an ultrasound. Abel and Belle are looking great and are both head down. The ultrasound did show cysts on my ovaries which the OB didn't think was a major problem and that they should dissolve on their own, but he is referring me to a high risk OB just to have her take a look at them and be sure they aren't more of a concern. He did say they wouldn't harm the babies, but may rupture with delivery. My blood pressure continues to be high, so I 'm now taking my blood pressure medicine 4 times a day!

Physically, I'm having a rough time. My 1st trimester was a breeze for the most part and I rarely felt pregnant. Then, halfway through the 2nd trimester, I started feeling the weight and strain of carrying two babies. And now, being in the 3rd trimester, I really feel awful. I'm extremely fatigued (which my iron levels came back perfect, so I'm not anemic) and hurt all the time. My feet, hands, arms, back, and stomach all hurt. It hurts to walk, sit down, sit up, lie down, get all hurts. I can't even go grocery shopping by myself anymore. I threw up yesterday for the first time during this entire pregnancy and heartburn continues to be a problem. I can't finish getting their clothes washed and their nursery ready and I'm running out of time. I know that some twin pregnancies are a breeze, but mine has been very difficult for the past two months and I wonder how much more my body can take. But, I trust that God will give me grace to endure for however long He has chosen to keep these babies growing inside of me...and I am SO grateful for them no matter what!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

25 Weeks!

Finally! - I have a belly picture for you! Here is my 25 week baby bump - I look huge to be only 25 weeks. I had my regular OB appointment on Thursday and my belly measured 30 weeks, which as always, the midwife assured me was normal with twins. Last weekend, I went shopping with my mom and had to buy new maternity clothes because I have already outgrown the original ones that were purchased in January/February - Crazy! My OB appointment went well. My blood pressure is still high, so the midwife said they may up my medicine dosage in the near future, but for now they are leaving me at the same dose I've been on. Other than that, all was great. We had an ultrasound and Abel and Belle again received an A+ from the midwife on their measurements and weight. I also had the ultrasound tech confirm their genders once more before I started washing their clothes...she confirmed that they are still a boy and a girl. So, at 25 weeks, I feel confident that we won't have a gender surprise now. Their nursery furniture and bedding arrived this week and I also purchased their stroller. Aaron has as lot of work to do in putting all of it together. I will be working on washing their bedding and clothes and getting that in their dressers and closet. So much to do and I can't believe how fast time is flying!

In addition to the heartburn, I have never been so tired in my life as I have this past month. My body is really starting to feel the weight and strain of carrying two babies and I'm exhausted. I am enjoying sleeping now while I still can! :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

22 Weeks!

I am 22 weeks today and had my routine OB check-up. My belly measured 28 weeks (Yikes!) and the PA-C assured me that this is normal for twins. Abel and Belle's heartbeats were heard on the doppler, so thankfully, everything appeared to be well. I have been having heartburn a lot lately, which I didn't have at the beginning of this pregnancy...I wonder why I'm having it now?

We have registered at Babies 'R Us and Target...almost everything x2! I have decided not to try and breastfeed. I know that many of you will wonder why I wouldn't attempt this because breast milk is best for babies. I know that. However, I also know that breastfeeding two babies will most likely be difficult and a stressed mommy will not serve them well in other areas. Both Aaron's mom and my mom fed us formula and we turned out fine. I also don't want to invest money in all of the breastfeeding necessities, only to find out that I'm not able to breastfeed (not producing enough milk, babies not latching on, etc) and have wasted that money when it could have been spent on bottles and other formula necessities. I struggled with this decision more from a financial standpoint than I did from a "breast milk is better for babies" standpoint. Breastfeeding is free and formula is expensive. However, after thinking about it and discussing it with Aaron and my mom, Aaron and I feel at peace with this decision.

I am reading your blogs even if I'm not commenting every time - and I'm excited to see what is happening in each of your families! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue or Pink?!

How about BOTH?!

We found out today that God has given us both a baby BOY and a baby GIRL! They both looked healthy and the nurse-midwife gave them both an A+ for ultrasound stats. What more could we have asked for?!

We are naming them Abel James (formerly known as Baby A) and Belle Marie (formerly known as Baby B). They will be called Abel and Belle. (Please no joking about Belle and "A Bel." We have always liked the name Belle for a little girl for years and Aaron has recently decided that he likes the name Abel for a boy. We realize that it could sound cheesy, but we don't mean it to be rhyming twin just kind of has worked out that way.)

Abel and Belle were kicking and hitting each other and Belle's butt was on Abel's head a lot during during the ultrasound...too cute!

I decided that I didn't want to find out their genders until after we left the OB office, so the tech told Aaron the news and he kept quiet all the way through the ultrasound, meeting with the midwife, and exam. When we got in the car, he said "I just want you to know that we are having a boy and a girl!" I squealed and then my phone rang. It was the OB office saying that I had forgotten my lab orders and that I needed to come back inside. I said "Okay, I'll be right there - I love you!" HAHA I told the receptionist that I loved her because I was so giddy about just finding out the news of carrying a boy and a girl and out of habit, I always tell Aaron that I love him at the end of a phone conversation. I felt ridiculous and explained myself to her when I went back in. She laughed and said that she had been confused, but when I left she shouted back at Aaron and me "I love ya'll!" Pregnancy brain.

Looks like our poll was right with the majority voting for boy/girl twins. :)

Belle's Profile

Abel Yawning

Friday, March 4, 2011

18 Week Update

I found out this week that I don't have Gestational Diabetes! At least for now...I think I will still be retested at the normal 24 week mark. But, I'm thankful for answered prayer that I don't have to deal with that right now anyway.

I wanted to have an 18 week belly picture, but haven't taken one yet...maybe I will get around to it this weekend...maybe. But, I can definitely tell that my body is growing two babies...I look pregnant now. We were at IKEA last weekend and they have a ton of mirrors everywhere and at one point I asked Aaron, "Am I really that big or is it the mirror?" He said "You're really that big!" Haha - But, he loves me getting bigger and reminds me almost everyday of that...such a sweet hubby. :)

Not much else to report - Just waiting for our ultrasound in 2 weeks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday, Baby Shower, and 16 Weeks

My sister, Grace, and me with our Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake!

This past week Aaron and I drove to Memphis, TN with my mom, sister and her boyfriend. My birthday is on February 14th (yes, I'm a Valentine's baby) and my sister's is on February 13th - I turned 26 and she turned 19. We have some relatives on our mom's side who live in Memphis, so we were blessed to be able to spend some time with them. We celebrated our birthdays and Aaron and I had our very first baby shower! We haven't registered yet, because we have been waiting to find out their genders so we could be color specific. But, we were showered with many gender-neutral items such as a baby bath, Diaper Genie Elite, swaddling clothes, bouncy seat, etc. My mom has bought me enough maternity clothes to last for the entire pregnancy and she bought me a twin nursing pillow. I intend to try and breastfeed, but if it doesn't work out that I'm able to, I will still use this pillow to hold them at the same goes all the way around your body to give you back support. We were so grateful for my family's generosity and love for our babies.

I had my 16 week OB appointment today and saw one of the nurse-midwives. My belly measured 18 weeks, but the midwife said that is normal for twins. My blood pressure has been high for the past 3 appointments, so they started me on a prescription for high blood pressure. I'm not convinced that I have high blood pressure though, because I've always had "white coat syndrome" and get nervous at the doctor's office and my blood pressure is often high. At the dentist's office a couple of weeks ago, my blood pressure was normal (the dentist doesn't scare me like regular doctors do-lol). So, I told the midwife that I am probably just nervous and that is causing the high blood pressure. However, high blood pressure does run in my family and they felt it best to go ahead and give me a prescription. My urine sample showed sugar in an abnormal range, so I am having to have my glucose test next Thursday to check for Gestational Diabetes. I wasn't supposed to have this test until 24 weeks, but because of my urine sample, they want it done at 17 weeks. If it comes back that I don't have GD, I will still have the normally scheduled test at 24 weeks. But, if the test does show GD, I will have to go to a diabetic clinic for the remainder of my pregnancy. Praying that I don't have GD! My weight was right on track for a twin pregnancy and their heartbeats were in the 140's, so overall, I think all is continuing to go well. If I continue to have high blood pressure and am confirmed to have GD, I won't be the only pregnant girl who has ever had those issues, so I'm not too concerned.

We scheduled our BIG 20 week ultrasound for Thursday, March 17th at 2:15pm (St. Patrick's Day) - I will be so glad to finally know if I'm carrying boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl twins. I have a hunch that I'm not carrying girl/girl, but hunches don't really mean too much. I will be putting a poll on the blog soon, so be sure to vote for your prediction! :)