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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Almost March! But Not Quite Yet...

One more week in February...and then it will be MARCH! Yay-We are so excited! I have now completed one cycle from start to finish of my BCPs (which I hate taking, feels like a step in the wrong direction, even though I know that it's a step in the right direction...), I've just started a new cycle with the BCPs and then I'll start my Estrace in a few weeks to thicken my uterine lining for my trial transfer on March 29th! Bring on the Meds - We are so ready to move forward with this!

Babies - We are coming as fast as we can to rescue and love you! :)

And, I am so excited that one of my fellow EA blogger friends, Ashley, got an unexpected call last week to schedule her trial transfer only 5 days earlier than mine and they had told her she'd probably not get an appointment until the summer! Praising God with you guys and praying that we will both have successful pregnancies through this!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My 25th Birthday

To our sweet babies,

Today I turned 25. I am quite confident that you are sitting in frozen storage right now as I write this and it breaks my heart. I wish that you were there with Daddy and me today as we celebrated my birthday (and Valentine's Day) over a delicious dinner. Beside our table was a young couple with a baby in a carrier...during the entire meal, we listened to her parents talk baby talk to her and how we wished that you were at our table too. Your daddy wrote me a very sweet letter last night that told me how grateful to God he was that he was able to pursue me and how grateful he is now that we are pursuing you together. We pray for you each day and know that some (or all) of you will never be at our dinner table, but we are fervently praying that God will allow for at least one of you to stick around earth with us so that we can raise you up in a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. A lot can happen in a year...on my 24th birthday, we didn't even know we would actually be pursuing you (although we had thought about it before) and here we are exactly a year later with our first appointment already scheduled at the NEDC! We're praying that on my 26th birthday, you'll be at our dinner table to celebrate or in my womb growing and thriving rather than being frozen.

We love you (and we don't even know who you are yet)!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Insurance said "No!" - God says "Yes!"

We had originally thought that we would have to pay for all embryo transfer fees out of pocket, and then the NEDC told us a few weeks ago that some insurance policies will pay for a portion of the fees. So, naturally, we were super hopeful, but then found out today, that our insurance won't pay for any of it.

We were disappointed - But more thankful that God still has us right where we need to be in the adoption process. We're so thankful to be Christians whose lives rest in the hands of a Sovereign and Good God!