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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plodding along,.. but very blessed!

The past two days have been up and down with Jennifer, but we seem to be making some progress. Jenn's hemoglobin levels dropped again, not as substantial as before, but enough that the doctors decided to transfuse two more bags of blood last night. This morning, her blood tests showed strong numbers so she's not due to be tested again until tomorrow morning.

This morning, the doctor actually referenced her being discharged whenever her blood pressure stabilizes and when more of the fluid that she's carrying dissipates. While this still make take a few days, it was good to hear of the concept that we won't be living in a hospital forever. Today marked a week and a day that she's been in hospital care.

Jenn was been taken off her IV's and is working on walking some today. I, instead of a nurse, has been able to wheel her around, and today I got to take her to visit the babies and have some kangaroo care with them. At around midnight last night, Jenn feel asleep and so I went over to the NICU to hold the babies for the first time. This was one of the most precious moments of my life. I got to do kangaroo care (holding them skin to skin) for 30 minutes with each one. They responded very well to this and seemed to enjoy it very much. I prayed over each one as I held them. The babies felt so cozy and the room so warm and quiet, that I actually started to doze off at the end of Abel's holding. The nurse came by and asked, "Who's putting who to sleep here?"

Today Jennifer got to do the same for Abel and I held Belle. Since this was Jenn's first time getting to hold one of them, the nurse allowed us to go about 45 minutes. I think that Jenn is going to try to get over again tonight to hold Belle, but she's been so tired from the pain medications, we're just playing it by ear.

Please continue to pray that Jennifer will be able to come home soon. The babies continue to do great. Other than being small, they look as healthy as can be. Hopefully, Jennifer will be back soon to be able to pick up the posts.



Ashley said...

Thanks for the update! I did a paper on kangaroo care and it is so beneficial for the babies. Praying for Jennifer to continue to improve and get stronger.

Diane said...

I am so incredibly glad to hear that Jennifer is (slowly) recovering and especially that your sweet little ones are strong and healthy!

kdactyl said...

So glad to hear Jennifer is doing better. I have been checking in and saying prayers. So touching to hear you talk about holding your babies....those little bodies are soooo precious and it feels sooo good when they are so close. So many studies show Kangaroo care is extremely beneficial...especially for preemies. So glad to hear they are doing so well.

Holly said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Aaron, how sweet to cuddle those precious little ones, you'll never forget those moments as long as you live.

Continued prayers for all!

Katie said...

Thanks for the update. Our whole church has been lifting you all up in prayer, as are we.

Tracey said...

I did kangaroo care with my first adopted daughter who was born at 32 weeks. I remember how special that was. So glad you guys get to enjoy it. Praying for jennifer's recovery!

jesswilson said...

So glad you both got to finally hold your precious miracles. It's amazing to finally get them in your arms after waiting so long and there is nothing ike KC. We continue to pray for all of you.