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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ending 4 Months...Going on 5 Months!

I used to blog once a week, but now, I am doing good to post once a month! I'm sorry to always leave ya'll hanging!

By God's grace, Abel and Belle continue to grow and flourish. They had their 4-month pediatrician appointment and shots on October 18th and the doctor said that he was pleased with their growth and to keep up the good work! Abel weighed 12 lbs 3 oz and Belle weighed 10 lbs 13 oz. They are taking between 24-32 oz of formula each day and they also began eating solids around their 4 month old birthday. They have tried rice & oatmeal cereal (single grained - not combined yet), stage 1 peaches, pears, prunes, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. We will be introducing green veggies in the next few days. Our pediatrican recommends using the "3-day" rule to test for any food allergies and beginning with yellow veggies before the green ones (not sure why though...). They usually take a bottle between 4-8am, cereal mixed with fruit between 8-10am, a bottle and a veggie for lunch, cereal mixed with fruit for dinner, and a bottle before bedtime usually between 10-11pm. I also mix their formula with their cereal, so their daily intake of formula is included in that figure. They love their solids! Abel is a pro with the spoon and Belle can handle it, but she just isn't as great as him yet.

They also had their follow-up NICU appointment with the occupational therapist last week (she will check their development again at 8 and 12 months). Again, by God's grace, they are further along in their development than needed! Since they were born 8 weeks early, they can have a 2-month delay on all developmental milestones until they are 2 years old without concern. Any delay after 2 years old is a true developmental problem. However, they are right where most term 4-5 month olds are with their motor skills. They are still small for their birth-age, but are catching up with their weight and height with each check-up.

Their new favorite thing is watching t.v. Yes, I said watching t.v. They will either sit in their bouncers or their Bumbos and watch Veggietales, PBS Kids shows, etc. They will even try and turn their heads to face the t.v. while drinking a bottle in our laps from the couch or recliner - haha! Of course, they cannot follow the story lines yet, but they enjoy the sounds and colors.

They will be 5 months old on Friday - wow!


Diane said...

Oh my goodness they've grown! What little sweeties you have!

Kristine said...

Oh, they are so cute! I could just eat 'em up! To God be the glory for their health and development! Thanks for your prayers for us with our upcoming transfer!

Ashley said...

Look how big they're getting! I enjoy seeing the pictures posted on facebook. Glad they're doing so well. Hope you're loving being a mommy!

Heather said...

I just cannot believe how much I missed!! Your little ones are precious, and I am so, so very happy for both of you!! What miracles they are - God is so good!

I've started trying to blog...again. :) I'm not very good at keeping up, but there is a new post today! YAY for me. :) Praying I can keep up with this! :)

Britney said...

I can't believe they are the same age, practically, as Sienna. And yet, she could eat them -- my daughter is a rolly polly one! ha ha. You are right, by the grace of God, our children continue to flourish and we should be so grateful and thankful for these blessings!

Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, Elijah, Isaac, Eliana, and Isabella said...

Sweet, growing babies, Jennifer. I was nominated for a blog award and I want to share it with you! Come by my blog and check it out:)

Ashley said...

I love seeing your beautiful family. I LOVE being a mom, and I'm sure you do too. :) So happy for you and Aaron.

Griffin will turn towards the t.v. too when I'm feeding him! I guess the light is very interesting.

Anonymous said...


They are so precious!!! Love all of the new pics! Praying for you guys. Hope you are doing well. Love ya!

~ Amelia