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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She Must and Shall Go Free

I've been meditating on the doctrine of justification lately and continue to be amazed again and again that God declares Christians "not guilty." Our ransom has been paid through the blood of Christ - We're free to go.

May I suggest that you listen to a song by Derek Webb, "She Must and Shall Go Free." While Aaron and I are not sure about all of Derek Webb's albums (some of his songs sound a little emergent); this album/song gets the Gospel right on!

Aaron and I were discussing justification yesterday morning and we're so thankful that Jesus isn't having to decide if his blood can free us from any particular sin. His Cross says it all - She (the Church) must and shall go free!" To do otherwise would be to go against Himself. The verdict has been decided and is never up for debate - For those of us who are Christians, we must and shall go free. (See Romans 8:33-34)

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