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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip to Atlanta and Bloodwork

We visited my mom and step-dad in Atlanta this past weekend/beginning of the week and had a relaxing time with them. We didn't get to see Grace though, seeing as she was at the beach with her friend. I wish we could've spent some time with her too. We left our camera at home, so we weren't able to take any pictures either. :(

Other news is that, we're trying to get our paperwork completed so that we can send it to the NEDC - Hopefully, by next week! We went together to have our bloodwork done last week, but received an urgent voice mail (after I left work and they had closed for the day) that something was wrong and we needed to call them. Well, I knew that we couldn't have HIV or other STD's, but considering that they didn't specifically say what was wrong, I began to worry (a sin that I battle everyday in many areas of my life). When I finally reached the lab the next morning, I found out that the Phlebotemist had written Aaron's name on both of our viles and they didn't know which belonged to whom. So, Aaron had his blood drawn again today and I'm going tomorrow to get pricked again - But, at least it was nothing more serious! This was our first "hiccup" in the embryo adoption process and from what I hear about any kind of adoption, there will probably be many more. :)

I have also added labels to our blog - I should have been doing this from the beginning, but just never got around to it until now! They're listed at the bottom of the blog...

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embieadoptmom said...

We too were going to go through NEDC but the wait was just too long. We couldn't get in for our first appointment until January or February and we started our process with them in April! So we have moved on & I get my FET on August 11 if all goes as planned! Check out our blog! God Bless!