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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Word is Getting Out!

Our home visit was on Tuesday so we're done with our interviews! WooHoo!!! So, now we wait for Bethany Christian to write up our home assessment and have the proper chain of command to sign off on it - which should hopefully be by Christmas!

Okay, I'm copying someone else's blog, but I don't think she'd mind the information being spread even further! Focus on the Family had a radio broadcast about embryo adoption with Dr. James Dobson on Wednesday. So exciting! I can't tell you how exhausted Aaron and I are becoming of having to try and explain embryo adoption to everyone. After we give them the entire explanation, we are given the "deer with the headlight" look and we know that unfortunately, they didn't really understand what we said... People are usually left thinking that we're doing something unethical with an egg or sperm donor program and conceiving children outside of marriage which is absolutely NOT what we are doing! Granted some embryos have been conceived via egg or sperm donors, but we are NOT endorsing that! We are not endorsing conceiving life outside of marriage anymore than if we were adopting a child whose birthmother conceived him/her outside of marriage. As the saying goes, God uses sin sinlessly. After someone has already made the decision to create/conceive these embryos and don't use them all, then they are only left with two options - to kill the unborn child(ren) or give them to another couple. The latter is the only life affirming option. So needless to say, when embryo adoption is talked about on Christian radio, we are ecstatic that word is getting out!


Heather said...

I LOVE that radio broadcast - I heard it yesterday and have heard parts of it before. I LOVE that embryo adoption is getting air time!!

Best of luck as you continue in your journey!

Ashley said...

Yay! I hope more IVF couples hear about embryo adoption and donate their embryos, giving us a match quicker!!! I enjoy following your story!

Leigh said...

I'm sure sure sure you get crazy looks. We get them all the time, ALL the time, I think for us it isn't so much that we are adopting and mainly that, *gasp* our children will be African. Seriously people, children are children! It amazes me how ignorant people are and how many people think they have the right to tell you how to start your family. I bet those same people will be rubbing on your belly in a few months...sheesh.