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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Assessment Almost Official

We received an email from our Bethany caseworker this week letting us know that our family assessment (home study) would be sent to the state director for approval by the beginning of next week. Once the state director signs off, then it will be officially approved and sent to the NEDC in Knoxville! So exciting!

While Aaron and I pray regularly as a couple and individually for our sweet babies that are waiting for us, we decided last night that we would make it a daily priority to pray together for them - that God would lead us to the embryos He has sovereignly chosen for us, that He would be preparing them to successfully implant in my womb on the 1st transfer, be birthed, and to come to know Him as Savior.

I'll post whenever our home study is officially official. :)


Christina said...

On the infertiliy journey I know how much you look forward to each "milestone". The home study is certainly one of them! That is really great that things are progressing for you. We went through the NEDC for our embryo adoption in 2007 and now we are trying again for a sibling in January. It is all very exciting!

embieadoptmom said...

HOW EXCITING! Such a blessing! You are getting closer!

Leigh said...

YAY!!! every step is a big step!

Ashley said...

Yay, that's so exciting!!! I can't wait for the day we can say that!

Holly said...

GREAT NEWS! Congrats on completing the toughest part-HATE all that paperwork!