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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last Year, Today, & What We Hope Is in Store for Next Mother's Day

Last Mother's Day was the day before we were given the shocking diagnosis of "infertile." I don't talk about our infertility much anymore on our blog, because I don't want that to define us or our adoption. After being diagnosed as an infertile couple, we prayed for a few weeks for Aaron's healing and he was even supposed to have another test done a few months later to check for any improvement. However, God changed our hearts so quickly that we haven't really prayed for healing since probably June 2009 and we never did have that 2nd test done.... We suddenly became so excited about adoption that our prayers, focus, and energies were quickly spent on our future children rather than ourselves. I remember someone telling us that they asked their Sunday School class to pray for our healing and I replied "Well, we're not even praying for that...Would you please pray for our adoption instead? Our frozen children are whom we are asking for the most prayer."

This is where our hearts are today:

Is infertility sad? Yes, it's part of this fallen world.

Is it the saddest thing in life? No - This past year has caused my heart to grieve over orphans in their affliction rather than focus on our own problems.

Little babies, I pray that next Mother's Day, you'll be in the warmth of my arms, rather than freezing in liquid nitrogen which is no place for children. I love you!
- Mommy


Elizabeth (and Dan) said...

You have an amazing heart Jen and you will make an equally amazing mom. I feel the same way that you do. When our adoption fell through a few weeks ago my first thoughts were, how sad for those embryos that they won't be born now. Infertility hurts but it is good to see beyond our own pain and gain perspective in seeing the pain of others (especially orphans whom had a special place in Jesus' heart). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Room for More said...

BEAUTIFUL! That is an outlook that only God can give you! I pray others read your post and are encouraged. I look forward to following you through you very NEAR future pregnancy!!

Cole Franke said...

you have such a wonderful, encouraging heart. Praying that soon you will meet your babies. lovely blog.

nicole visiting from

Angela said...

Excited for what this year holds for you! Happy Mother's Day! Those babies are yours!