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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Girl Spinning Circles

Here's is a song that I wrote for my little girl.  I'm trying to learn guitar and have only been at it for a few weeks, but this is me playing and singing.  Who knows, maybe she'll let me sing it at her wedding someday.

Two little clarifications:  Belle is not yet two as the song suggests and the pictures are not completely in order.  Oh, and I'll be working on Abel's own song next.  :)  Hope you enjoy!


Laura said...

Wow, tears... absolutely beautiful! Belle is one lucky little girl:)

Malia said...

I don't have speakers so I just watched the slideshow, but she's adorable! Can't wait to watch it from a computer with speakers :) You're so blessed :)

Kristine said...

Amazing!!!!!! Got my eyes leaking!

Ashley said...

Precious song!

Room for More said...

oh my! How did I ever miss this post? This is so beautiful! precious precious precious!!