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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RSV, Pneumonia, Stomach Bug, and a Bridal Shower!

So much has been going on in our home the past few of weeks... Abel and Belle both got RSV. Belle got better, but Abel's RSV turned into Pneumonia. He was admitted into the hospital on Valentine's Day (also my birthday) and was discharged the following Sunday morning. While he was in the hospital, I caught a stomach bug. So, Belle had to go stay with my mom at her house. I was at home very sick and Aaron was in the hospital with Abel. I was so sick that I ended up in the ER dehydrated and had to have two doses of IV fluids. I did drink, but I couldn't keep any liquids down.  Abel had his follow-up post discharge appointment with the pediatrician last Friday morning and he is doing great now - Praise God!  Right after his appointment, I had to drive to Atlanta for my sister's bridal shower. I, her matron of honor, and her maid of honor were throwing the shower so I couldn't miss it. It was a relief to know that Abel was doing so well when I left. My MIL came to help with the twins so Aaron could work over the weekend. However, he came down with the stomach bug and couldn't work on Saturday, so my MIL had to take care of all 3 of them! Bless her heart. We are on the mend now and just praying that the twins don't get the stomach bug next. Below are some pictures over the past few weeks.
Having fun with Daddy!
Abel riding the Ice Cream truck at the mall

In the hospital watching cartoons and eating a chocolate chip cookie.
Belle with her heart shaped pillow at Target. Mimi had to buy it for her of course!

My sister, the beautiful bride to be!

Me, my sister and mom


Malia said...

So glad that everyone is feeling better! Sounds like you've been busy :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you're all feeling better.

twondra said...

Glad you're all feeling better. Love the pictures!

Your mom looks like your sister. :)

twondra said...

Glad you're all feeling better. Love the pictures!

Your mom looks like your sister. :)

Room for More said...

I love the pic of Belle and the pillow! Love seeing oyur pic with your sis and your Mom. I am soooo happy you all are on to a different season of life. A "well" season!

Krisa said...

I'm glad you all are on the mend. Like you, we are glad to be saying "Good bye" to February. Karis was admitted to the hospital on Valentine's day too. I was praying for you and Abel that weekend.