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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Abel & Belle!

Abel and Belle had a BLAST this year celebrating their birthday. I can only imagine how much fun they will have next year when they turn 3! They had their 2 year old check-up and shots on Tuesday. Below is what is going on with each of them.

Abel: Loves his Lovey, balls, cars, dogs, Veggietales, Mickey Mouse, Cat in the Hat, and playfully exercising his strength over his sister while she cries and he laughs. He is clearly all boy and while his sister joyfully pushes her dolls in a stroller, he rams his wagon against my kitchen table and house walls...over and over again (and I secretly love it!). His vocabulary has picked up a good bit in the number of words he says, but many words are not clear. He calls both mommy and a monkey "ma-he." Yes, mommy and monkey are one in the same ;)  I talked to the pediatrician about this and he still isn't worried about it. There is a chance he may have to attend speech therapy in the future, but for right now, this is still within normal for some two year olds. Abel used to love food. I mean love it! However, I noticed that for the past 2-3 months, he has become less interested in eating and more concerned with playing. I thought it must be a phase that would pass and Aaron nor I were too worried. However, his check-up showed that he is only in the 9th percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight and he has only gained .4 lb in six months. The pediatrician said that he wasn't in the danger zone by any means, but would like him to begin drinking 1-2 bottles of Pediasure each day to help him grow since he isn't eating well. He also has recently been diagnosed with asthma and has to use two inhalers each day. The pediatrician said most toddlers grow out of this by the time they are 4, so Lord willing, he will too. Other than that, he is a happy and playful little boy who loves his family! He is always running to grab my legs to hug and kiss me. When Belle cries, he always brings her a toy to comfort her. When Belle is in time-out, he cannot stand to watch her sad so he brings her a toy too. Poor Abel also had to go into time-out for giving Belle a toy while she was in time-out because I warned him not to and he disobeyed anyway. So sad to be disciplined for loving your sister ;)

Belle: Loves her Lovey, dolls (finally!), dollhouses, tea cups, stuffed animals, blankets, Veggietales, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse and Strawberry Shortcake (she calls her "pancake."). It has really been fun to watch her become more of a little girl as of late. She has gone from liking gender neutral baby toys to little girl toys. She loves to tuck in her stuffed animals and dolls and put her hand to her mouth and tell everyone to "shh!" Her vocabulary has exploded and she can pretty much say anything she wants to. Her words are very clear. She hasn't really begun sentences yet, but she does say things like "Help me (which Abel says that too)," and a few other phrases that I can't think of right now. She saw a picture of me wearing my wedding dress and said "Princess Mommy!" Too sweet :) She is in the 30th percentile for both height and weight. She also has a mild case of asthma and we have an inhaler on hand but we don't use it everyday as we do for her brother.

Aaron and I love these two sweet children so much. I say it on almost every blog post, but it is just the truth. Every day, I look at them in awe and can't believe that God has given them to us. We are so blessed and thankful!


Tracey said...

Happy birthday, Abel and Belle! Fun pictures!! And I love the updates. Can't wait to meet them in person : )

Krisa said...

What a happy day! They sound like a lot of fun! I wish we could all have a blogger gathering one day and let our kids play together!

Room for More said...

YAY! pictures! Oh how they all made me smile!! I love Belle's skinned knees. That is Sarah's life! I LOVE Abel's big boy haircut too. Such precious babies who are growing up way too fast for me! What wonderful memories : )
I pray we can all meet someday!

Ashley said...

Kaylee has skinned up knees and loves Strawberry Shortcake as well. Such a fun age!

Malia said...

Happy birthday! Wow! They're so cute! It's amazing how different children (and boys and girls) have different likes and dislikes.

Britney said...

LOVE that birthday cake! And don't worry about the height/weight thing. Coming from the opposite end of the spectrum with Sienna, it's always a bit challenging either way - eat too much, eat too little, ha ha! And we also did pediasure with brae because he's a picky eater.