Thanks to everyone who expressed a desire to follow the new book Aaron is writing called:

God is NOT a God of Second Chances

and Other Good News from the Gospel

You're part of a grassroots team that will receive monthly updates on this project.  Many of you have already asked how you can be praying for the book.  Thank you so much!  This brief post each month will keep you informed on where the book is in the production process and provide you with specific ways you can be praying for it.

So first, some quick info about the book itself:

- God is NOT a God of Second Chances is a 31 day devotional.  Its goal is to present a beautiful, challenging and sometimes unexpected truth from the Bible for every day of the month.  Whereas some devotionals are light and fluffy, the goal of this book is to engage the reader with the gospel, have them wrestle with its implications and inspire worship for Jesus!

- The title devotion comes from a blog post that Aaron wrote for our church last year.  You can check it out here.

- All royalties from the book, outside of reimbursing the book's production costs, are being given to church planting efforts in the Charlotte Northlake area.  The timing of the writing of this book matches the start of a church plant in that area that will be supported by whatever income the book generates.  For more info, check out this website.

- The book will be available to order through physical Christian booksellers and will be available to order at, and other online retailers.  It will also come in a digital format.

- As of today, the first draft manuscript is 54% finished with a goal of being at 100% by the end of October. We're shooting for a release date of early 2014 for the finished product.

- Graphic design for the cover is currently underway.  We hope to get several proposed cover options to you soon.

- This Wednesday, Aaron will be shooting a short promotional video for the book.  When this is available, it will be an easy-to-share marketing tool that you can use to help spread the word about the project.

Now for the prayer requests:

- Pray for a humble heart and an ambitious drive to write and market with excellence to the glory of God.

- Pray for faithful stewardship of Aaron's schedule, that he might intentionally carve out time to write without sacrificing time with family or church.

- Pray for Biblical inspiration and doctrinal integrity for each devotion

- Although the book will be primarily sold online, getting it in stores would provide a big boost for it.  There's one national Christian retailer whom Aaron happens to have a very close relationship with (ahem).  Pray for God's favor on the project and for wisdom and winsomeness as he engages retailers.

- Pray for the graphic design and promotional video that are currently in production.

If you have any other questions about the book, please let us know in the comments below.  Thank you friends!  We appreciate you all!

"Whatever you do in any area I would say, first understand [that] this is not about ego, it’s not to bring you glory, it’s to bring the Lord glory and I would encourage you to seek the favor of the God more than anything... Go for quality, go for art, go for all these things but make your number one priority the favor of God."  -Alex Kendrick (creator of Courageous and Fire Proof)