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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving on...

This is our last week in Greenville. Well, actually, we're down to two more nights, because we'll be out of town this weekend at my uncle's wedding in Columbia. My last day working at Grace Church will be Monday, which is also the day that we'll be moving out of our apartment. We still don't know for sure where LifeWay will be sending Aaron to manage a store, but we have a fairly good idea. We should know something next week for sure. I hope we do anyway, seeing as we can't really make any plans for housing or a job for me until we know where and when we'll be moving. We would really like to "settle" as soon as possible so that I can find a job to pay off our college debt. The Lord has graciously blessed us this past year and we have been able to pay off a HUGE amount! But, we have a little left before we'd be in faith to start a family with me as a full-time homemaker. So, please pray that God will provide a place for us to live and a job for me as soon as possible, because the more weeks that pass that I'm not working...the longer our debt is sitting there and I'm feeling useless and bored! In the meantime, Aaron will continue to train in Greensboro, NC and "live" at the Extended Stay America. I'll be spending next week in Atlanta with my mom, which I'm looking forward to seeing as I haven't seen their new house since they moved to Atlanta. My sister, Grace, is out of school for the summer so it should make for some fun "girl" time, though I will greatly miss my beloved husband! :)

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