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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Below is a picture of us in front of our new apartment building. It's not the best picture (yeah, we know). Considering that there was no one else to snap the photo and Aaron's arm is extended, but we did the best we could... We were on our way to dinner with some of Aaron's LifeWay bosses from Nashville - He is greatly enjoying his new position with LifeWay and is super excited about his new store opening this fall! The second picture is from my uncle's wedding last month. Greensboro is starting to feel like "home" and I'm continuing to search for jobs. I've had two interviews thus far and another one tomorrow. I'm grateful that if nothing else works out, then the Greensboro LifeWay is allowing me to work there starting in August. Policy is that I can't work under Aaron at his new store, but I can work for another manager elsewhere. This will be my fourth LifeWay to have worked for! :)

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