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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Job

The past month and a half as been filled with very tiring days of me being very aggressive with my job search. The job market is really hard right now and the bachelor degree is losing its value in the workplace. Technical skills and trades (which I lack) are becoming the most needed credentials rather just a "piece of paper stating BS or BA." The job search was quite discouraging and caused a lot of lack of trust in God on my part. Aaron would always remind me that I was sinning and God has called me to always trust Him.

Thankfully, in spite of my sometimes faithless pursuit of employment, God has provided me a full-time job in a church office beginning August 25th! I'm so grateful for this offer. A Christian school had also offered me a K-4 teaching position, which I had originally accepted because it was the only offer I had. But, I really didn't feel very good about taking it. I'm not sure that teaching in the classroom full-time would be a good fit for me. During my second day of orientation, I received an unexpeced call from the church saying that they had a position and wanted to interview me. The church has offered more money, less hours (37 vs. 40 hrs/week), and is only 8 minutes from home (the school was over 30 min away). So, God has been very kind to me and even if He hadn't provided a job for me at all...He has already given me more than I deserve. The only thing that any of us deserves is an eternity separated from Him in hell. And He has saved Aaron and me from that through the crushing of His Son on the cross - Thus, we are always doing better than we deserve!

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Robert said...

I ran across your blog during a google search of a Lifeway employment application for my oldest son.
I am a bivocational pastor at a SBC church outside of Danville, and I work for an accounting firm in Danville.

Our family is so excited about a Lifeway store coming to Danville. In fact, our eldest son wants to put his application in for part-time work (he is still in High School). He currently is working at Food Lion, but he dislikes working on Sundays. Please pray for him (his name is Richard).

Our family will pray for you as you make the transition to Danville, VA. If you need any help getting to know the area, finding a church, or a place to rent or live, please feel free to contact me at

Robert Wright