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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Infertility Update

Well, we found out some news this week that is hard to swallow in our journey for hoping to grow our family...Aaron has a low sperm count. My ObGyn told me after 2 months of Clomid, if I wasn't pregnant, she'd test Aaron before she continued to "pump my body full with fertility drugs." So, for this cycle, she gave me a refill of Clomid (and increased the dosage) and had Aaron tested. His results came back yesterday and it's all really frustrating...My ObGyn was the one who ordered that a semen analysis be done at a local fertility clinic, so she was the one who got the test results - not us. She then had her nurse call and tell me this vague info "He has a low sperm count - He needs to see a Urologist." I then asked the nurse what this all meant? How low was his count? Would we be able to have children? She abrubtly said "I don't know - The urologist needs to analylze all of this...we only treat women here - not men." Aaron then calls the fertility clinic himself to find out his specific results and unfortunately, they "legally" could not give him the results, but could only give the results to the doctor who had referred him (my ObGyn).

This was a COMPLETE SURPRISE to us...We simply thought that he would have this test to satisfy my doctor so that she would proceed with giving me stronger fertility drugs. We never really seriously thought that he too may have a problem!!! My doctor had even told me that this test was just to rule it out, because it would be very rare for both people to have a fertility problem. (I guess we beat the odds-Haha)

We have decided to bypass the urologist, since we both have some fertility issues and see a fertility specialist together. However, the fertility specialist can't see us until June 10th, unless there becomes another time available. I sobbed hard yesterday - This news was painful for us. However, we are glad to know this info so that we can begin to move in the right direction.

All this to say, if the Lord brings it to your mind, please pray for the following:

1) That we would have peace, trust, and comfort in our Great God. We want to glorify Him no matter what His plan is for our life!

2) That the fertility specialist could see us sooner than next month and that he would have the wisdom to lead us into making the wisest decisions for our family.
3) That the Lord would bless us with a baby(ies)!


Anonymous said...

i will be praying for you both. :)

Robin said...

Sorry to hear the disappointing news Jennifer. Keep your chin up and know that God has a plan, but sometimes it's not in "our" time. It has been my experience that disappointments in life can lead to wonderful things if you keep expecting wonderful things! Keep updating and I'll be praying!

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear that. I was hoping that ya"ll wouldn't have to hear that. Brent and I are going through the exact same thing, we are seeing an endocrinologist for him.

Please know that there's still always Hope where God is working!

Praying hard,

sarahepm said...

I love you Roomie!!!! That is so disappointing. I will pray that the Lord will grant you peace and of course children!!!!! Love you guys!!