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Monday, May 18, 2009

Prayer for Aaron

We have yet another new prayer request! Aaron's bloodwork results came back showing that his hormone levels aren't balanced. One is too low and the other is too high. Basically, if we understood everything correctly, his body is indeed producing sperm but is soon after destroying them. The doctor has scheduled another test in 3 months, though he's not expecting any improvement. While we are so open to pursuing adoption (at the proper time and we don't know when that will be as of right now), we are praying for God to heal Aaron and allow us to conceive at least 1 child naturally. Please pray that God would restore balance to Aaron's hormone levels and that we would be pleasantly surprised in 3 months to discover that his sperm count is normal! Even if that would not be the Lord's will, we're okay with that...He's sovereign and we're not, but this is a medical illness that God can heal if He so chooses. So, fellow Christians, would you join us in prayer over the next 3 months and pray for God's healing hand to be upon Aaron?

Thanks so much!
Jennifer :)

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Susan Sene said...

Hi Aaron and Jennifer - I found your blog through Nikki's. Do you go to Sovereign Grace in Greenville? We are fairly new there but are in the same care group as Danny and Nikki. Anyway, I wanted you to know I'm sorry to hear about your struggle in conceiving and will pray for you. I was also put on Clomid but did not get the results I'd hoped for. I also wanted to let you know of something that helped my body get healthy so I was able to conceive naturally. I'd love to share more with you if you're email is God bless!