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Monday, March 8, 2010

3 Weeks Before the Mock Transfer!

Only 4 more days left of my BCPs and then I'll be starting my Estrace in about a week!

Last week, Aaron's supervisor wanted to know if he could work a conference in May, but with our embryo transfer not scheduled yet, he didn't want to commit. But, his supervisor really needed to know, so he called the NEDC last week to ask how likely a May transfer would be. They said again (like they told me in January) that it would be in either May or July, but they didn't know for sure which yet. But, they told him that we should have a date scheduled before we leave our mock transfer appointment on March 29th - We're really hoping that this statement will prove to be true and that when we leave Knoxville, we'll know when we will actually be going back to get our babies! Aaron's supervisor was gracious to let him work a conference in August and be free for a May or July transfer. :)


Ashley said...

Yay- So exciting!!!

Ashley said...

Wow! I can't believe how well you all are moving forward. I am sure it seems like forever for you all, but keep your spirits up and trust the Lord like you have been. Such great news and we will keep praying!

Lisa said...

Very happy for you!