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Monday, March 23, 2009

Locks of Love

Some of you know that I have been growing out my hair out for locks of love since 2007. I hadn't had a haircut since July of '07 until last Friday! (Wow!!!) That's the longest I have ever gone without a hair cut. It was a fun challenge - I tried it in college but in the heat of the summer, I gave into myself and cut it... but not this time - I made it all the way to the end! I'm excited that now my hair will bless a child who has lost theirs to chemo therapy. And it has saved us LOTS of money on hair maintenance - My hair cut last Friday was $40 plus a $5 tip (maybe I'll do this again! haha)! I feel 5 lbs lighter. :)


Nikki said...

Yay!!! Your new haircut looks great!

Baby Whaley said...

I love it!! I think it looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new cut!!! Your hair looks great! Way to give it to locks of love! My mom loves it when one of her clients does that! :-) ~Amelia