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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gratitude & Joy

We visited my family in the Atlanta area for Easter weekend, and I marveled at God's kindness to us. The last time we were visiting them was Christmas - about 1-2 weeks after the NEDC confirmed they had our completed home study from Bethany, but told us not to expect our mock transfer until May or June because they were booked thru March and we were #25 on the waiting list for an appointment after March. I'll admit that I was saddened by that news, but still trusted in God's sovereignty. I remember aching at the thought that we may not have our real transfer until the fall. But, God knew that in January, the NEDC would call to schedule our mock transfer for March 29th and that by the time Easter came, I would already know when we'd be going back to get our babies - the summer, not the fall!

Thank You, Lord. We are so humbled and grateful that You have called us to adopt these unborn, but alive, children. More importantly, Thank You for drinking that bitter cup on the cross, so that we could be adopted into Your family. Pursuing You and our children is pure joy!


Leigh said...

Whoop! so excited about your babies THIS summer, so so awesome! God is SOOOO GOOD!

Jen said...

I am thrilled for you!!!! Congrats!!!