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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in our local Pregnancy Care Center's "Walk for Life." As soon as I walked onto the sidewalk across from their campus, I was faced with a group of people (mostly college students) holding posters and shouting the following (the shouts are in italics):
  • Abortion is Not Murder
  • No Hangers
  • My Mother is Pro-Choice
  • I am a Choice
  • Honk if You Respect Reproductive Rights
  • Ignorance is Not Sex Ed
  • Pro-Life - It's a Lie - You don't care if women die!
  • Anti-Women, Anti-Gay, Hating bigots - go away!
  • My Body, My Choice!
That is just a sampling of what I saw and heard. I cried. It broke my heart. And I know that Jesus' heart was breaking as well. The irony of pro-life people being called haters is that, we weren't the ones yelling and spewing anger...they were. Their arguments also didn't make any sense...
  • Since when is taking someone's innocent life not murder?
  • I was not supporting women harming themselves and killing their children with hangers.
  • Aren't they glad that their mother's "choice" was to birth them? If she had aborted them, they wouldn't be here today!
  • I respect reproductive rights such as appropriate birth control to prevent conception (only in marriage; abstinence before marriage).
  • I am most definitely not ignorant about sex education. I'm all for teaching teens about sex and its consequences (and encouraging no sex before marriage, which is the only context that God allows and smiles upon it).
  • Yes, I care if women die, but I also care if baby boys and girls die. (And since when do most pregnancies kill women? God designed women's bodies for pregnancy!)
  • Again, I wasn't hating or screaming at anyone. I was loving the sinner, but hating the sin.
  • An unborn baby is not part of the mother's body. Yes, he/she is attached to the mother's womb, but has its own body. So, it's the child's body, and since the child cannot speak up for his/her own "choice," we must assume that he/she wants to live. (and I'm not speaking that suicide is okay...that's another issue entirely)
Life issues have become even dearer to my heart, since pursuing embryo adoption. Aaron and my children are the very ones that the world hates and wants to kill. And our children have never been in a womb since their conception, so they're clearly not "part of a woman's body." Thus, they are already their own unique person. Abortion and embryonic stem cell research is a satanic evil that continues to grow more and more accepted in our world. We must speak up for life! And going along with speaking up for life, means caring for these children before and after birth...This is why all adoption (domestic, international, and embryo) is absolutely necessary today.


Jess said...

That is so sad!!! Abortion is such a horrible evil in this sinful world.

Very good post! Thank you.

Christina said...

It is all very sad. There is no question in my mind on when life begins! Our local pregnancy care center finally got an ultrasound machine to help women to see when is actually growing inside them, and to show them that it has a heartbeat and it's not just a blob of tissue. Luckily I live in a red state, so not too many protesters here!

Katie said...

This is so sad! I totally agree with your thoughts, Jennifer.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts so freely!

Jen said...

Thanks for the reminder of why I am fighting for our embryos!!! Hang in there, Sweetie!!!


Ashley said...

AMEN!! Great post!

sarahepm said...

Thank you for walking and standing up for the unborn. If we do not speak for them no one will. Every day I look at my sweet son and when I think of the tragedy of abortion I am reminded that thousands of sweet sons and daughters will never blink their little eyes, say "uh-oh" so adorably, or give sweet kisses. It breaks my heart. Thank you for fighting for your precious babies!!! Love you both!

Room for More said...

Thank you for taking the time to post this! EXCELLENT reminder to us all Christians!