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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aaron turns 27!!!

Friday, September 26th was Aaron's 27th birthday! The SWAT (not sure what that stands for) Team from LifeWay (which consists of other store managers and various people from the corporate office come and help stock all of the product for new stores) came to set up his store on Friday and have been working all weekend because his store opens tomorrow - WooHoo! This has been a long work in process but it's finally happening! We celebrated his birthday the week prior by going out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. Aaron is not a big cake fan - he prefers pies and his favorite is cherry pie. So, I baked him something in's kind of a cherry cake/pie/cobbler thing. Whatever you call it - He loved it (he even dreamed that it won a prize at a bake-off HAHA - my cooking would never win a prize!) which made me smile as I was able to make his birthday special. :)

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday aaron!!! :) i hope everything went great with the store opening yesterday! i was praying for you guys.